Flood Damage Restoration Service

If you have lived in San Diego for any period, you will know that the rainy season brings with it enough precipitation which can cause havoc. Thousands of homes in the metro area are in need of flood cleanup annually, and our flood damage restoration team at Resicom Building & Restoration has vast experience in the field.

Recent statistics show that about 1-in-40 San Diego homes will be affected by a flood each year. The excessive moisture your property is subjected to will damage possessions and also provide mold with the perfect environment to grow. When you contact our flood damage restoration team, they will work tirelessly to dry out your property and ensure it is ventilated, disinfected, and restored in rapid time.

Our Flood Damage Restoration Process, Step-by-Step

Although every flood damage restoration job is unique, we have developed a winning strategy for removing moisture, ensuring mold is destroyed permanently and restoring your home or business to its original state.
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    Inspection & Prevention

    Our flooding recovery experts will inspect the site to analyze the level of damage and ensure it doesn’t spread. We use sophisticated and accurate equipment to test the moisture level of ceilings, baseboards, floors, and other areas of the property. We recommend contacting our flood damage restoration team as soon as you can because the longer the damage remains untreated, the more likely it is that further issues will occur.

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    Initial Water Removal

    It is pointless to begin the drying process without removing standing water first. We use hi-tech drying equipment such as vacuums which suck up all the water while being rotated around the room.

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    After our flood damage restoration team has eliminated pockets of water, they can proceed with thorough drying. The equipment used includes commercial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to circulate airflow through the room. In some instances, our flood cleanup experts will position air movers in specific parts of a room to ensure air gets to the most moisture-laden areas.
    They may also drill holes into the drywall and remove baseboards. During this process, wet areas are cordoned off as a means of concentrating the heat and suction to the areas in greatest need of treatment.

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    Monitoring & Repair

    Depending on how severely your property is affected, the flood damage restoration process could take several days. During this time, our team will routinely check your home or business to monitor the drying process; specifically, the temperature, moisture, and humidity levels.

    Once each room is declared dry, our crew moves salvaged equipment back in place. Our flood cleanup experts will continue to check your property to ensure that no areas of moisture have been missed. They also take care of any additional structural repairs and treat mold to ensure it is destroyed forever.

    If you are in need of flood damage restoration, get in touch with us right away. We are available 24/7 and must remind you that time is of the essence when engaging in flood recovery. The sooner you contact us, the quicker we can arrive, prevent damage from spreading, discover and kill mold, and restore your property in San Diego.