Disaster Restoration

Natural and man-made disasters have one thing in common: the stress they put on people. If you’ve just suffered a disaster, you’re anxious about the damage. You’re frustrated it happened. You’re overwhelmed by everything you need to get in order. Call Resicom. We will bring your property back to normal.

There is no limit to the types of disasters we handle every day. Water, fire, and mold can wreak havoc on your property. So can wind, cars, and taggers. Resicom has seen it all. If heavy rainstorms destroy your workplace, we can help. If an out-of-control driver crashes straight through your bedroom, we can fix it. If strong winds blow a tree through your living room window, we’re here for you.


Whether you need to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, or build a house from the ground up, you can trust your home with Resicom. We do everything including room additions, kitchen cabinets, decks, hardwood floors, and more.


Resicom does industrial build-outs, retail improvements, electrical drywall, carpentry, plumbing, framing, and more. We have worked on offices, bakeries, grocery stores, hotels, gyms, boutiques, and continue to expand our commercial customer base.

My house flooded! What now?

In our line of work, we see panicked faces all the time. We know how difficult this experience can be, so we put together this step-by-step guide for you.

  • If you have control over the water source (i.e. if it’s a running faucet or toilet), shut it off.
  • Contact your insurance company, preferably a local agent. Important note: Be careful how you use the word “flood.” Flood technically refers to a body of water overflowing onto dry land. Most standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage, but they do cover water damage, which includes cases of running faucets, burst water pipes, and heavy rains soaking through the roof.
    From there, a rep will assign you a claim number and your insurance adjuster’s contact number.
  • Call Resicom at (858) 227-9700. We take calls 24/7 and respond within 90 minutes. Our first step upon arrival is removing the water, which we call the extraction process.
  • If your home is not livable, make arrangements to stay with family, friends, or at a hotel. Don’t forget to make arrangements for your pets.
  • The Resicom project manager will advise you on whether your property requires testing for lead and asbestos. This is required by law for any structure built prior to 1978. Asbestos test results are ready the next business day; lead results are ready in 2-3 days.
  • Resicom technicians will set up equipment such as fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process, and monitor them using moisture meters every 1-2 days. Be prepared for the drying process to take 3-7 days, depending on a variety of factors, including the amount of water, the type of floors, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Once the affected area is dry, Resicom will begin the structural repairs, including roof repairs, painting, flooring, upholstery and carpet cleaning, and more. We’ll bring it back to its condition before any water touched it.

Fight Mold before It Spreads

As your mold experts, we’re here to help you eliminate mold no matter how it got there. However, we also want to spread awareness on how to prevent mold. The No. 1 cause of mold is moisture. Therefore, to attack mold, you must get to the root of the moisture.

  • Examine your home thoroughly for areas where water could be leaking or moisture could be gathering. Check every faucet and corresponding pipe for leaks. Check all toilets, including the pipe connecting the toilet to the wall. Scour the entire kitchen for water drips, including water filters, inside and outside refrigerator, including the hidden crevices. Check windows and see if rain has seeped in. Check shower curtains and window drapes. Look around your air conditioning unit.
  • Consider your daily routines involving water. Do you take long baths without turning on the bathroom fan? Do you throw wet towels in the hamper? When you fix meals, do you wipe down wet countertops? Make sure to educate everyone in the home to be more cautious of keeping the home dry.
  • Maintain your plumbing system.
  • Keep a dehumidifier in areas of the home with excessive moisture.

About Our Company

Based in San Diego County, Resicom is a full-service general contractor that specializes in disaster restoration. Our dedicated crews restore properties struck with a flood, fire, mold or water damage. We also do general construction work for residential and commercial properties.


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