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Flood Damage Mitigation and Restoration Service

If you have lived in Southern California for any period, you will know that the rainy season brings with it enough precipitation which can cause havoc. Thousands of homes are in need of flood cleanup annually, and our flood damage restoration team at Resicom has vast experience in the field. The excessive moisture your property is subjected to may damage possessions and also provides mold with the perfect environment to grow. When you contact our flood damage restoration team, they will work tirelessly to:


  • Dry out your property
  • Ensure it is ventilated
  • Disinfect it
  • Restore it in rapid time

Water Damage Restoration Service

If your area has been stricken by a storm, earthquake or another natural disaster, it is likely that you will need water damage cleanup since this is one of the most common sources of home damage.

One of the significant issues with any environmental calamity is that it either involves enormous amounts of water (such as in floods) or it destroys your water pipes which cause flooding in the home. Either way, your property soon becomes a mess in dire need of water damage restoration rescue. The thing about damage from water is that virtually always happens in places you can’t see at the worst possible time.

However, our water damage experts are capable of providing you with excellent services when you encounter one of these water-related issues:

  • Plumbing problems
  • The buildup of water in hidden areas
  • Issues related to the weather
  • Natural disasters
  • Faulty appliances
  • HVAC malfunction
  • Leaking pipes

Fire Damage Restoration Service 

There are few consequences of a natural disaster more traumatic than fire damage cleanup. In most cases, a fire will leave at least a small portion of the home completely destroyed while the rest is likely to be damaged by water, odor, and soot. When a fire engulfs a property, it is capable of razing it to the ground in minutes, despite the best efforts of the fire department. Even when they make it on time, there is little they can do to prevent a significant degree of damage. Resicom has the experience and training to come to the rescue for businesses and homeowners that need desperately need fire damage restoration.

Mold Remediation Service

Mold removal is one of the most critical issues faced by homeowners in the wake of a natural disaster or other forms of water damage. As well as the level of water produced naturally during such catastrophes, natural disasters can also destroy water pipes which can lead to flooding within the home. Mold remediation not only helps restore your property, but it can also prevent possible health problems. The Resicom Building & Restoration mold remediation team will thoroughly inspect your property to ascertain the causes of the mold while ensuring every trace of it is destroyed. Did you know that hidden water is the main reason for mold growth in San Diegan properties? After a water emergency, mold remediation is essential because water gets into places you can’t see. For example, it could gather deep in your interior walls, flow beneath flooring or become absorbed by drywall.

Based in San Diego County, Resicom is a full-service
general contractor that specializes in disaster restoration. Our dedicated crews restore properties struck with a flood, fire, mold or water damage. We also do general construction work for residential and commercial properties.

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