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Fire Damage Restoration Service in San Diego

Having a fire occur in your business or home is one of the most traumatic experiences one can face. Not only may there be destruction causes by flames, smoke, and soot, there also may be additional damage from the through fire put out efforts such as water damage, odors, and residue from the fire retardants.  As a company with a specialty in disaster restoration, Resicom is well equipped to provide sanitation and restoration services to your home or business.


Our fire damage restoration team offers a vast array of services including:

  • inspection
  • safety procedures
  • renovation & repair
  • post-cleaning advice on preventing future fires.

What Should I Do If My Property Suffers Fire Damage?


The first step Resicom’s fire damage restoration technicians will assess is the extent of damage. During our analysis we will determine how far any fire, water, smoke, or soot has extended in your property, and whether cleanup is possible. We will formulate a strategy for a recovery plan and provide you with a quote and time estimate for the fire restoration process.



After a disaster occurs, safety is Resicom’s number one priority in ensuring that the structure is safe for all parties involved.  When responding to a fire, the fire department will use large amounts of water and other retardants to diminish the flames, and a typical  side effect of fires is that it will cause water pipes in your property to burst increasing the amount of water caused damage.  Resicom will apply tarpaulins to damaged areas while also sealing any holes that could result in further structural damage.


Fire Damage Cleanup

Resicom will use both fire, water, and smoke equipment to address the damage to your property. This equipment will scrub the air to remove potential toxins and odors, evaporate any additional moisture through dehumidifiers, and remove any material that are damaged beyond repair and cannot be saved.


Renovation & Repair

The last step in fire damage restoration is to repair or replace possessions damaged in the blaze. Common areas that are damaged during a fire includes cabinets, carpets, and walls in a home or property. Resicom will replace or repair any drywall, flooring, and other home features as well as can provide repainting and stucco services.



As a licensed general contractor Resicom can also provide consultative services to assist with providing a strategy to your project with suggestions and insights on room design and safety features to reduce fire risk for the future.


If your home or property has experienced a fire, time is of the essence in efforts to save and restore your property, so reach out to Resicom as fast as possible. You can trust our team to assist you in a time of emergency.


The Fire Department recommended that we board up our home. Is that something that you can do?

Yes, that is something we can do. Resicom works 24/7 around the clock and has an experienced board up crew to secure your home or business after the fire is handled.

If the fire was small and only affected a small area, do we really need professional cleanup?

Building materials that have sustained fire damage can be identified easily, but in general most of the restoration and clean up work is related to soot and smoke. Officials of fire safety and building code have spent significant resources over several decades to understand the effects of soot and smoke on residential and commercial buildings.

Numerous controlled experiments highlighted the effects of smoke and how quickly it spreads through tiny openings and crevices in the home. It only takes a few seconds before all windows, light fixtures, cabinets, ceilings, walls, and furniture is coated with soot and smoke. In just a few minutes, all flat surfaces will be covered with a heavy layer of soot, and thick smoke will enter and coat delicate circuit boards, appliances and electronics, wall cavities, switches, and inside outlets.

This clearly shows that even if you do manage to put out the fire quickly, the smoke and soot will penetrate your house and absorb into window coverings, bedding, carpeting, and clothing. Your home and personal belongings can sustain damage, even from a small fire, and there will be lingering odors in the home if it hasn’t been professionally cleaned.

The fire department put out the fire but now we have a lot of water in the house. What should we do?

It is quite common that your home takes on water damage after a fire, but that isn’t a problem for us since we are experienced in structural drying and water restoration. We work diligently to ensure your home doesn’t have any mold issues or water damage after the fire has been put out.

If we hire Resicom to clean up the smoke and soot damage, will you also put my home back together or can I choose my own general contractor?

Yes, we can help restore your home back to its original condition. Resicom is a licensed general contractor and we can take care of any trade including flooring, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, painting, framing, drywall, plaster, etc.

I have heard there are different “types” of fires. Are all fires alike?

No! Every fire is different, because the fuel and source of fire needs to be considered before any restoration project is put into practice. Every residential or commercial property contains multiple materials that can catch fire and come with their own unique restoration and cleaning challenges. We have listed categories of smoke and fire damage below:

  • Natural substance smoke residue
    • Natural burning items are wood, paper, and other items that contain them. The smoke residue is going to be gray or black in color, and requires a dry chemical sponge, appropriate chemicals and a special vacuum to be cleaned. Most smoke particles are .004 microns in size, which is so small it can go in any wall cavity. The smoke particles may not bother you in wall cavities, but they will cause smoke odor. These particles will need to be removed to resolve smoke odor in the house, which can be done through ozone, thermal fogging, and other processes.
  • Protein substance smoke residue
    • Proteins, like beef and chicken make a greasy mess when burned. The smoke residue from protein substance must be cleaned by trained professionals with experience in properly cleaning protein residue.
  • Synthetic substance smoke residue
    • Any derivative of plastic or type of plastic will leave a smeary or chalky reside, which is extremely complex to clean, and must be done through proper techniques, training, and equipment.
  • Oil burner malfunction residue
    • Oil burner misfiring can result in a puff-back residue, which is essentially partially burned oil emitted in the HVAC system, which can result in the residue being distributed all over the home.
The fire didn’t do much damage, but now my whole house smells like smoke—can you do anything about it?

Yes. At Resicom Building and Restoration, we use cutting-edge structural cleaning and deodorization equipment. This allows our fire restoration crew to work safely and effectively to eliminate all odors and remove smoke residue from the house.

How long will the cleanup and restoration process take?

The length of time it takes for the restoration and cleanup process depends on the scope of damage your property has sustained. It can range from 10 to 20 days for small fires and may even go to 4 to 6 months if there has been a large fire.

Based in San Diego County, Resicom is a full-service
general contractor that specializes in disaster restoration. Our dedicated crews restore properties struck with a flood, fire, mold or water damage. We also do general construction work for residential and commercial properties.

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