Water Damage in Home Leads to a Stunning Remodel Project

Based in San Diego County, Resicom Building and Restoration is a full-service Escondido general contractor specializing in property damage restoration. Their dedicated crews restore properties struck by fire, flood, water, or mold damage. They also perform general construction work for residential and commercial properties in San Diego County, including remodels, kitchens, baths, additions, and tenant improvements.

water damage restoration

The property damage restoration and general construction industry, like many businesses, rises or falls upon meeting customer expectations and a job well done. Resicom Building and Restoration embraces a robust approach to customer service. Providing customers an excellent customer journey is the priority of the entire staff and all the crews. Their approach to customer service includes the following priorities:

  • The customer is important and appreciated.
  • Staff and crews anticipate the needs of the customer and are proactively responsive to these needs.
  • Customers are treated with respect and courtesy and are greeted with a friendly smile.
  • Staff and crew make time for the customer and give them their full attention.
  • The company takes responsibility when things go wrong and seeks to resolve the issues in a manner that leaves the customer satisfied.
  • Crews and staff exceed customer expectations and go the extra mile.
  • Customers’ feedback is solicited, appreciated, and acted on by the Resicom Building and Restoration team.
  • Integrity in dealing with customers is a top priority. Trust is everything in this industry when it comes to dealing with customers. Integrity is a precious commodity to be guarded and preserved at all times.

Hidden Water Leaks

Hidden water leaks can be disastrous if not immediately discovered and resolved. The actual damage to the structure may not be that significant. Some flooring, baseboards, and sheetrock may need to be repaired or replaced, and a coat or two of paint and some wallpaper may cover the streaks and stains in the walls. However, if a large-scale mold infestation occurs, the damage could be extensive, and the remediation process could be very expensive. The occupants of the home may need to vacate the premises for days or weeks, and the structural damage repair could encompass portions of or all of the house.

The property owner must be attentive to the signs of hidden water damage. Catching hidden water leaks in their very early stages is crucial to preventing extensive water damage. These tips should help the homeowner discover a hidden water leak while in its early stage.

  1. Look: Look for stains and streaks on walls, ceilings, and floors. Look behind furniture and in cabinets under the sink. Look for standing water around the dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine. Look for water around the toilet that might be dripping from the bowl, tank, or supply line. Look for standing water in the crawl space or basement.
  2. Listen: Listen for the sound of dripping water when the house is quiet. Listen in the crawl space for the sound of dripping, pouring, or spraying water.
  3. Sniff: Sniff around the house or property after being away for a while. The nose will accommodate to odors rather quickly. Sniff for musty and mildew odors. Sniff for odors that wreak of raw sewage.

These simple tests can be performed regularly. If the evidence arouses suspicions of a hidden water leak in an Escondido home or business, do not delay in calling in a water damage and mold damage specialist.

Hidden Water Leak Results in Fabulous Remodel

The custom review shared below illustrates the results of providing the best in customer service. It all started with a hidden water leak in a pipe behind the bathroom wall and ended with a fabulous kitchen and bathroom remodel.

The customer writes, “My husband and I had never dealt with or wanted to deal with remodeling or renovation because we had heard such horror stories. So we reluctantly lived with our tile and grout countertops in every home we’ve lived in. When a leaky pipe behind the bathroom wall resulted in us having to replace the bathroom and kitchen floor…and my kitchen sink getting damaged from someone dropping a cast iron skillet in it…we thought maybe it was time to consider remodeling. The budget was very tight…we had to divert our planned 25th Wedding Anniversary trip fund into the bathroom and kitchen renovation. I contacted Jamie from Resicom, and her vision for our bathroom and kitchen with the budget we had was at first unbelievable and then magical. Eli was wonderful in working with our insurance company and making sure the project was completed to our satisfaction and his high standards. Jamie’s creative vision transformed our home into something right out of an HGTV show…not only beautiful, but highly functional and efficient…and within budget! Cody was amazing with his knowledge, work ethic, and ensuring everything was done right. And did I mention the project was finished a week ahead of schedule? The BEST 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift ever! THANKS, RESICOM!”

water damage restoration

This customer review demonstrates how working with a creative damage restoration company with competencies in general contracting can transform a hidden water leak damage repair into a fabulous kitchen and bathroom remodel.

For more information about remodels and water damage restoration in Escondido and San Diego County, CA, contact the Resicom Building and Restoration office by phone at (858) 227-9700 or email info@resicom.com.

Based in San Diego County, Resicom is a full-service
general contractor that specializes in disaster restoration. Our dedicated crews restore properties struck with a flood, fire, mold or water damage. We also do general construction work for residential and commercial properties.

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