How to Work with Professionals to Fix Water Damage in Your Home

When it comes to water damage, it is always a smart idea to work with the professionals. Their expertise can play a major role in recovering from the damage in your home. However, don’t just leave it all up to the professionals.

Use this as a learning experience to find out more about water damage. Additionally, this will allow you to work with the professionals and understand what they are doing. Together, you can get rid of the water damage as quickly as possible.

Understanding the Extent of the Water Damage

The first step to learn about water damage is to know that not all water damage is the same. Based on the severity as well as the cause of the water damage, there can be some differences. Knowing the kind of water damage it is will also make it easier to work out a solution.

Categories of Water Damage

Water damage falls into three major categories. Naturally, a category 3 scenario will be more severe than category 1 but it’s always good to know which scenario falls into which category. Take a look at the following to find out more:

  • Category 1 – This relates to water damage that is not caused by polluted water. Culprits for it can be overflows and flooding from appliance malfunctions.
  • Category 2 – This relates to water damage caused by dirty water. The water can be grayish or murky in color and can have water borne illnesses. Water from pipelines, broken toilets and more is usually the culprit here.
  • Category 3 – This is for water damage that is caused by severely polluted water. The color of the water can be brown or muddy but black is very common. Exposure to the water can increase the chances of illnesses. Stagnant water and sewage leaks are responsible for this.

Apart from category 1, if you have water damage relating to the other two categories, you should avoid trying to fix it yourself.

Classes of Water Damage

Categories are not the only way to classify water damage. Based on the rate of evaporation, the materials impacted and the level of flooding, the water damage in your home can fall into the following different classes.

  • Class 1 – This is when water damage occurs at a lower scale. Water damage here is minor, with little to no extraction needed. Materials affected will also dry out easily without any lasting negative impacts.
  • Class 2 – This relates to larger water damage that can occur in a bigger area such as the whole room or the garage. Overall flooding should also come up to 2 feet or less.
  • Class 3 – This deals with water damage that occurs from above. It’s high scale and not only causes flooding but the walls and roof will also become affected. Flooding height can also be more than 2 feet.
  • Class 4 – This is caused by severe circumstances. Water damage that occurs because of a storm, sewage flooding or involves water that can be a health hazard. Clean up requires the usage of special machinery.

Usually, anything that falls in class 2, even if it is category 1, requires professional help. The experts can handle the cleanup, dry everything out and make repairs as needed. It’s always a good idea to call them if the flood water has an odor or is not clear. Both those signs mean that the water is polluted and your health might be at risk.

How Will the Professionals Help You?

Many people hesitate about calling the professionals because they often feel like they can manage the water damage recovery by themselves. On the other hand, it’s not that simple. Not handling the water damage properly could increase the chances of developing mold and cause damage that is widespread.

The following are a few more benefits that you can get when you are working with the right experts for water damage:

Special Equipment

Cleaning up water from a flood can be very challenging, especially if there is nowhere for the water to drain. With the right professionals, you can get access to all the special equipment without any issues. From water vacuums to dehumidifiers and large fans, you won’t have to rent out all of these. The right experts will have these and other special equipment needed to get rid of the water and other debris. Their special equipment will help get rid of the standing water as soon as possible.

Finding the Root Cause

Before the water damage can be dealt with, it is a good idea to find the root cause of it. Whether it is due to a leaking pipe, blocked drainage gutter, a malfunctioning appliance or more, knowing the cause will make it easier to work out a proper mode of repair. Water damage is usually a byproduct of an underlying problem. It’s better to fix the real issue to avoid it from happening. With the professionals, you will have an easier time in identifying the real cause and work out a feasible solution.

Evaluating the Extent of Water Damage

After the water has been drained, one of the first things you need to do is evaluate the extent of the damage done. Sometimes, the damage is deeper than what can be seen. For this, you will have to rely on the help of the experts. They are skilled in using water meters, moisture readers and more. This allows them to find out the presence of moisture in areas like the sub-level of your flooring or in your wall. With their help, you will be able to get a true reading of the damage done. Additionally, it will ensure that you get all the water out properly.

Crafting a Solution

Working out a feasible solution for the damage can be done with the help of the experts. Problems arise if the water damage is not addressed. Mold grows very easily in damp, dark places and the mildew smell can be a sign of a problem. With the help of the professionals, you can get a solution that addresses the water damage and keeps your home safe and secure from the growth of mold, rot or any structural damage.

Filing for an Insurance Claim

Water damage costs can be covered with your home insurance but filing for the claims can be a tough choice. Many homeowners face problems in filing the claim properly. When you work with the professionals, they will help you make a solid claim with your insurance company. From gathering necessary documentation, supporting proof and validating other requirements, you can have the paperwork ready and the claim process expedited.

What Should You Do Until They Get There?

So, you have water damage and you’re waiting for the professionals to get to your home. Looks like the there is nothing more to do, right? If you want to help out, there are a few things you can do until help arrives. The following are some of them:

Take Pictures

This is necessary for your home insurance claim. Before any work is done, get pictures of what the water damage looks like. Even though you will be sending a few, make sure that you have a good bunch that you can choose from. With smart phones, doing this can be an easy task. Remember to avoid getting in the water if it looks polluted or murky. This can increase your chances of getting ill.

Find the Source of the Flooding

Do a little investigating to find out what is causing the flooding. This can be a broken pipe, a leak in the roof, an overflowing bathtub or more. In cases where a pipeline has been damaged, you will have to turn off the main water system. This will shut off the flow of water and ensure that more water doesn’t keep pouring into the room.

Remove all Electrical Equipment

This is a vital step. Make sure that all electronic gadgets are not in the reach of the water. Table lamps, TV cords and other electronic equipment should be moved to higher ground. If you can, turn the phase off from your electricity box to switch off the electric power to that room. However, be warned that water is a great electronic conductor and will often become charged with a current. If you suspect this, switch off all power supply to your home and wait for the professionals.

By being patient and making things easier, you can ensure that your water damage problem gets resolved as quickly as possible.

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