Water Damage Restoration Company Explains the Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage scenario: A burst supply line hose

The washing machine was only seven years old, but the home was flooded with hundreds of gallons of water from the appliance. How could this happen? The husband, Chris, following the instructions of the plumber who installed the washing machine, used supply lines reinforced with braided stainless steel. Standard hoses are reinforced with braided rayon or polyester mesh that makes the rubber stronger and less likely to burst, but they are not recommended for use on machines inside a home. The plumber also recommended that the couple annually inspect all plumbing connections for leaks, including in sinks, toilets, the dishwasher, the ice maker, and the water heater. Accordingly, Chris and his wife Jen faithfully checked the entire house for leaks each year.

water damage restoration

To their surprise, they returned from work one day and found their home completely flooded. The culprit was one of the supply lines to the washing machine. The burst hose spewed up to six gallons a minute, and the flooding damaged drywall, baseboards, carpeting, hardwood flooring, curtains, and upholstery. So much water leaked out of the supply line that insulation under the floor collapsed into the crawl space. The couple eventually realized that they had forgotten to change out the washing machine supply lines after five years, a practice that their plumber recommended they follow. Because of the oversight, Chris and Jen needed a water damage restoration company to rescue the situation.

Resicom Building and Restoration of Escondido, CA, understands the stress and frustration of a major water damage incident and realizes the need to immediately begin the extraction, drying, and restoration process. The team of professionals offers the following tips on how to find a great water damage restoration company when disaster strikes.

Quick response time

Time can make the effects of water damage worse if the problem is not immediately addressed. Finding a water remediation company that arrives as soon as possible is critical. Minutes mean more loss when there is a delay in dealing with the damage. Ask these questions when trying to find help:

  • Is 24/7 emergency response available?
  • How soon can the technicians start the clean-up and repair process?
  • Does the company offer emergency planning services for home and business owners who want to work out the details before a disaster strikes?

Bonded, insured, licensed, and certified

When investigating water damage restoration companies, look for a water restoration company that is properly bonded and insured with employees that are licensed and certified. How long has the company been in business? What level of training and experience do the restoration specialists have? Is certification through a reputable program? Is continuing education company policy?

References that are reputable and local references

Seek out a reliable water damage restoration company with excellent references from local customers such as friends, neighbors, and family. Locally owned and operated companies are invested in the community.

A comprehensive assessment, estimate, and restoration plan

A reliable water damage restoration company offers a complete, accurate assessment of the property damage, a list of the needed repairs, and an estimate of costs to help property owners make the right decisions.

Files insurance claims

Filing a successful insurance claim need not be frustrating. Choose a water damage restoration company that is experienced, helps document damages, and files accurate, timely claims.

Advanced equipment, techniques, and technology

A water-damaged home will need water extraction, drying, and dehumidification to prevent mold issues in the future. State-of-the-art equipment and techniques accelerate the restoration process, help prevent future mold growth, and ensure personal property such as documents, artwork, letters, photographs, and other items are properly restored.

Handles the damaged property with great care

A water disaster is stressful and frustrating. A reliable, compassionate restoration team can help return life to normal. Proper restoration techniques, gentle handling, accurate documentation, and secure storage of personal property on site during the restoration are a part of the respect that the team of caring professionals at Resicom Building and Restoration demonstrates toward the customers they serve.


The team of professionals at Resicom Building and Restoration recommends that property owners plan for disasters by working with a damage restoration company to put together an emergency disaster plan so that when the time comes to call a damage restoration service provider, the homeowner already knows who to call!

For more information about water damage restoration, visit the Resicom Building and Restoration website at www.resicom.com. Contact the office by phone at (858) 227-9700 or by email at info@resicom.com.

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